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    Why Natural Hope Herbals?

    • Family owned business
    • Strong emphasis on quality, value and service
    • cGMP and FDA registered facility
    • Pricing you will appreciate and your customers will love
    • Wild crafted herbs from our organic farm
    • Quick same day shipping on most orders
    • Free shipping on orders over $180.00


    “I brought Natural Hope to Hillside almost six years ago. We needed to upgrade our natural offerings as they were in high demand. They were easy to establish a relationship with and very responsive to questions and needs. I trust them, they have a strong line for sales as they were actually trained by Rachel Weaver rather than just getting the recipes and ideas from her books. Their Tasty line has made it much easier for children to have natural remedies and that’s a growing need they have answered well. They also offer a volume discount which is appreciated as it boosts sales and offers more displays. They are always continuing to grow and add additional products and I would highly recommend them.”
    Mary Ann / Hillside Bulk Foods

    “We started with Natural Hope Herbals years ago because we had many customers that wanted products similar to those recommended in “Be Your Own Doctor” and their line offers those and more. We continue because they have excellent customer service, great products, and fast delivery of our orders. The product labels, brochures and herbal guide are very effective. People see results from one product and come back to us for additional natural solutions to common ailments and appreciate using the same trusted company.”
    Kevin Miller / Family Health Foods

    “Three years ago, we decided to add a home health section and Natural Hope Herbals came highly recommended to us. They went above and beyond to help us develop, build and market our new offering. Their customer service is amazing and very responsive to questions or ideas from their clients. Their marketing literature is extremely educational, valuable and, as an added benefit, attractive. I would highly recommend them to any company as they truly understand the concept of customer service and working together with a common goal.”
    Mike Yoder / German Village Market

    “We have carried Rachel Weaver’s books for years and there was a high demand for the tinctures recommended in her writings. Natural Hope Herbals is easy to do business with and compliment her books closely.”
    Ruth Mast / Masts Bulk & Health Foods

    “We started doing business with Natural Hope Herbals as we had many customers asking for products that were mentioned in Rachel Weaver’s books. They are responsive to our needs as a customer and their products are easy to understand and use in relation to her books and teachings.”
    Ellen Newswanger / Community Natural Food Store

    “When we started to sell herbs in 2012, Natural Hope Herbals was one of the companies we chose. They were so helpful in answering questions and providing such wonderful customer service, we have added extensively in the last 4-5 years and now carry many of their products. More and more of our customers were asking for natural remedies and Natural’s flyers and informative brochures help us and the customers make the right choice for their needs. When we place an order by fax, it’s normally here within a day and they always keep us informed of new products or, in the rare event, that an item is backordered. It is unusual for me to feel 100% satisfaction with a business relationship, but that is what my experience has been with them. Their customer service has been invaluable and we really hope to visit their facility some time as they have encouraged us to come and would be welcome.”
    Nature’s Herbs

    “I have been a customer of Natural Hope Herbals since they began. They are local, so I had the opportunity to visit the farm and labs – very impressed with the cleanliness, organization and good management observed during my time there. Their products are well known and have done a great job with promotions and advertising while keeping the price very reasonable. They are responsive to my needs as a retailer and follow herbal recommendations in their formulas to make it easy for my customers to use. I would highly recommend them to any store that wants to carry a pure and successful line of natural health remedies.”
    Chris Miller / Millers Natural Foods


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